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Member Login



Messaging can transform the way business communicates with customers, suppliers, clients, prospects, target audience, etc. We re-define Web SMS messaging, giving you the most powerful application that has ever been developed for web SMS, whether for Bulk SMS Messaging, Wedding Announcement, Invitations, Events and Meeting, Birthday Announcement and Invitation, Special Seasons Greetings, Political Campaign and Awareness, Product Launch, Sales Promotions, etc, you will find out that our portal is an indispensable tool.

AscomSMS is a premier provider of messaging solutions to businesses, organizations, and individuals using reliable, secure, and intuitive messaging platform built to deliver the best messaging experience

Our system is simple to navigate and we render effective, affordable and reliable SMS services. Try us TODAY and you will definitely not regret it.

Register NOW if you do not have an account with us and your account will automatically be credited with 2 FREE sms. If you have an account already, just login with your email address and password, and start sending SMS.

AscomSMS.com offers you the cheapest bulk sms in Nigeria.




Account Number


Account Name


Ascom Business Services

Bank Name



Note: Use your username as your depositors name.

After payment text the following details in the following order;
Amount paid
Account Number you paid into
Teller no

ENQUIRIES: CONTACT US : 2347080804888


1. Log on to www.ascomsms.com
2. Register with a valid email address and phone number
3. Sign into AscomSMS with the email address you used while registering.
4. Choose any of the bank accounts to make payment.
5. Make sure you use your ‘username’ ’ as the depositor’s name while making payment.
6. As soon as payment is made, contact us on any of our numbers and we will credit you with sms units within 5 minutes.
7. Log on to the website . Click on ‘compose sms’ and start sending messages.

WARNING:  To Avoid Delivery Problems

1) Please do not use "Microsoft Word" to type message or phone numbers.

Instead type your message and phone numbers directly on our "COMPOSE SMS" page or use NOTEPAD.

2) Do not use "Microsoft Excel" to type phone numbers.

Instead use NOTEPAD.


How To Locate NOTEPAD on Your Computer (Laptop or Desktop)

1) Click on START

2) Move cursor to the top of ALL PROGRAMS and wait

3) Move cursor again to the top of ACCESSORIES and wait again

4) Then, locate NOTEPAD and click on it.


How To Save Numbers on NOTEPAD

1) After opening a NOTEPAD page, copy your numbers from Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel and paste on NOTEPAD page.

2) Click on "FILE" and select "SAVE AS".

3) Give a name to the file in the space for "FILE NAME" and click on "SAVE" to save your numbers as NOTEPAD FILE.